Jenn the Writer is back in business…

Grab Your Spot for This Limited Re-Grand Opening Unique Content Firesale

I Will Write Your Ebooks, Sales Letters, Kindle Books, Business-In-a-Box, and More!

Filling spots for August and September… or grab a spot to use later! Once they’re gone, they’re gone…

Hey there,

It’s time for a content firesale! Premium, professional, unique content at Re-Grand Opening prices.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve launched a service offer of any kind! I’ve had a lot of difficulties with my health, which has taken me away from the business for some time.

While the time away has been much-needed health-wise, it’s left my family in a pickle as far as finances. Which is unfortunate because my services have been high in demand for many years. With a decade of experience in web writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and digital marketing, clients love the results I provide.

My writing gets results… which means YOU earn on the work I do for you.

Today, I’m getting right back to it. I’m not going to let illness destroy me and take away opportunities when I could be helping YOU build and improve your business. I’m very lucky in that I have a team of people working hard to help me get better, and I have all the hope in the world. And I’m determined that it will happen.

That’s good news for you 🙂

I’m re-launching a limited number of services at an incredible discount. I will be filling my schedule for August and September– and it will be first come, first served. Grab a spot now to use later! Once you order, just let me know if you have a timeline or anything special I need to take into consideration as I plan my schedule.

What’s in it for you? You’ll get fantastic, professional work at a great, low price. 

What’s in it for me? I need to come back into this space with a BOOM, full speed ahead. As someone who’s been successful for 10 years and had to step away for a while, this offer is meant to place me firmly back into my place as the go-to gal for fantastic writing that sells and converts like crazy for clients 🙂

Note: I will shut down certain offers as they fill up. I have an income goal that needs to be met- so take advantage of these prices while you can. This page might be up for less than a day depending on how quickly orders come in. So, grab your spot (or multiple spots) while you see that it’s still open.

Questions? Write me at freelancejenn (at) gmail (dot) com.

Book Me Today For:


Sales letter critique/advice:

You’ll get a video critique as well as written advice on improving your sales letter conversions.

$97 Sale price: $47

Short sales letter (for WSO’s, etc.):

$200 Sale price: $97

In-depth, premium sales letter:

$600 Sale price: $297


Choose Your Sales Letter Option:


Ghostwriting- Open to Most Topics

Report (up to 4,000 words):

$200 Sale price: $97

Short ebook (around 5,000 words):

$250 Sale price: $127

Longer ebook (10,000+ words):

$500 Sale price: $247


Choose Your Ghostwriting Option:



5 article pack (around 400 words each):

$100 Sale price: $47

10 article pack (around 400 words each):

$200 Sale price: $97

Choose Your Article Option:

Kindle Books

Fiction (per 10,000 words):

$500 Sale price: $247

Non-Fiction (per 10,000 words):

$500 Sale price: $247

Series of 5 books (Fiction or Non-Fiction, 10,000 words each):

$2,500 Sale price: $997

Choose Your Kindle Book Option:


Get squeeze page copy, a list-building report, an ebook, a sales letter, and a 3-part autoresponder series:

$2000 Sale price: $797

Choose Your Kindle Book Option:

Website creation

Simple website:

$250 Sale price: $127

Website/blog with 30 days’ worth of content:

$600 Sale price: $297

Choose Your Website Creation Option:

View Your Cart:


Delivery? We will discuss this after delivery. Orders will be worked on in August and September, and your needs are taken into account.

Can I order now to take advantage of the deal for content I’ll need later? Absolutely! Order multiple packages to lock the prices in for content you’ll need in the future.

Can I order and then ask for your advice on topics? Sure!

Will this offer be available later? No… this is a re-launch of the service end of my business, and these deals will not be available later. Once spots are gone, they are gone 🙂

Contact freelancejenn (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions!