“Grab PLR to ‘Pokemon Go’ 101- A Fantastic Game Guide, HOT Off the Presses”

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Hey there,

I’m super excited about this because it’s simply the VERY HOTTEST trend right now.

I know it is because I’m wandering around my house trying to catch them…


I’m using it more than my kids!

What am I talking about? Pokemon GO!


Everyone is talking about this… everyone (young an old) is into this.

It’s even had DRAMATIC effects on Nintendo’s stock.

Take a look:


Wow! That’s major…

There are even reports that MORE people are using Pokemon GO app than are using TWITTER.

And it was JUST released, haha.




So… as a writer and marketer, I knew I wanted to write something great for this market- and fast!

Then I thought- why not help others very quickly cash in on this craze, too?

That’s exactly what I’m offering you, today.

In fact, here are:

5 Ways YOU Can Profit From Pokemon GO, Starting NOW

  1. Write a Kindle How-To Book: Create a great walkthrough guide or How-to Guide for Pokemon GO, and publish it on Kindle (note: this can’t be PLR- you’ll have to write your own book OR hire me to write one for you- just contact me for original content)
  2. Create a Pokemon Go Facebook page where you share fantastic information for fans of this game (you can use this PLR content to do this)- you can promote Pokemon products as part of this
  3. Create local-marketing packages for local businesses to attract Pokemon-GO playing customers (you can use this content to start this lucrative business idea…)
  4. Create a blog by giving high quality Pokemon-Go information to your visitors… and promote Pokemon related products (including a book or walkthrough guide you’ve published- (you can use this PLR content for your blog…)
  5. Release a downloadable guide on how to play Pokemon GO- you can profit from the sales of the guide, from your own website (this PLR is perfect for that…)
BONUS METHOD: You can release a walkthrough/how-to guide to give away as a listbuilder. Build a list of fans and profit! (this PLR is perfect for this, too…)

Grab PLR to ‘Pokemon GO 101’ to Profit in These Ways, and More

This is a super-helpful and well done report that covers everything people need to know about playing Pokemon Go.

This is a whole new niche for you!

You Can Use this PLR Profit:

  • Build a quick blog with ads
  • Sell it as a book yourself
  • Use it as a list-building freebie
  • Use it as a report
  • Create articles
  • Promote Amazon-related products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • More!

I have to run out the door… it’s a family member’s birthday… so I’m writing super-quick copy so you can get your hands on it ASAP.

I normally would charge more, but because I’m doing this quickly, I’m CHOPPING the price down and putting it on a dimesale…

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Pokemon GO 101 PLR

Enjoy… you’ll love this well-done, perfectly timed 5,000+ word guide to Pokemon GO!


Jenn the Writer

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