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I hope you profit handsomely with the content.

I don’t want this to be PLR that just sits on your hard drive, though… I want you to use it and to earn like crazy with it. The content is really going to help your buyers… but only if you sell it to them in the first place.

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PLR To Beginner's Guide To Web Freelancing SALES PAGE
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Beginner Freelancing PLR

Hey there!

Freelancing is a topic that’s hot, hot, hot.

It’s the BEST way to get started earning money onlineand your customers know it. They are desperate to learn how to get started and become successful.

Today, you can get instant access to a PLR guide that will tell the beginning freelancer everything they need to know.

That’s right…

Now, you can get PLR to this great guide (around 4,000 words).

There are NO restrictions on this content

You can give it away, sell it for profit, modify it, add to it… whatever you want!

Your Readers Will Discover:

Ready for this jam-packed guide?

Here’s the Table Of Contents to what you’re going to receive:

  • Why Freelancing Is The Best Opportunity There Is
  • Freelancing Is Very High In Demand
  • There Will Be Many More Opportunities For You In The Future
  • You Can Make Your Own Schedule
  • You Get To Choose Your Own Income
  • How To Stand Out In A Crowded Field Of Freelancers
  • Freelancing Opportunities
  • Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Writing Articles
  • Specialty Writing (Like Kindle)
  • Blogging
  • Making Your Own Writing Opportunities
  • Graphics
  • E-Covers
  • Mini-sites, Headers, and More
  • Doing It All
  • Virtual Assistant Opportunities
  • Create Your Own Category
  • Set Up Your Business
  • Learn The Ropes
  • Setting Goals
  • Set Your Hours
  • Set Your Income
  • Getting Clients
  • Building Up To A Full Time Income With Your Freelance Business
  • Moving On From Freelancing
  • Earning Money Passively
  • Building Up To A Full Time Income Passively
  • Earning Money From Home Has Never Been Easier

Grab it at this special low price, today!

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PLR To Beginner's Guide To Web Freelancing

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Easy Kindle Fiction PLR

Hey there!

Kindle is hot, hot, hot! Now, you can get PLR to this awesome guide that will help your readers and customers get started writing their OWN fiction for Kindle.

This guide takes all the intimidation away and makes it EASY to write fantastic fiction.

This is a no-brainer investment for your PLR collection.

Now, you can get PLR to this great guide (around 5,800 words). There are NO restrictions on this content.

You can give it away, sell it for profit, modify it, add to it… whatever you want!

Grab it at this special low price, today!

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Easy Kindle Fiction PLR
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Easy Kindle Fiction

Hey there,

Writing fiction for Kindle is really, really exciting… and possibly life-changing.

But, writing fiction is hard, right?

It doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be really easy– even fun.

How much could you earn if you could easily write fiction for Kindle? It’s time to find out!

In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know.


  • Exactly how to write fiction for Kindle (even if you’ve never done it before)
  • What all excellent books have in common
  • The best (and easiest) way to choose what you’re going to write about
  • The #1 way to sell more books
  • When and why to write short fiction
  • How to hook your readers for built in profits
  • The easy, perfect structure for your book
  • How to craft the perfect characters
  • How to write great fiction, faster
  • Top “secrets” to Kindle success

Use this information to write for Kindle, your own eBooks and info-products, articles, blog posts, and so much more!

Special Offer For This Guide:

Just $4

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Easy Kindle Fiction Method

Note: There is the option to buy PLR to this guide, after purchase (great, low price!)

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Jenn the Writer

Write Faster Method PLR

Hey there!

Thanks so much for grabbing the awesome Write Faster Method PLR!

Now, you can get PLR to this great short report (around 2,500 words). There are NO restrictions on this content.

You can give it away, sell it for profit, modify it, add to it… whatever you want!

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Write Nonfiction Faster Method PLR
No Thanks

Magic Non-Fiction Report

Hey there,

Writing non-fiction is hard, right? It doesn’t have to be.

There’s a super-simple, 5 step process you can use to write non-fiction faster and better

There are so many ways learning how to write non-fiction faster can help your business. How much money could you earn if you could quickly write info-products to sell to your list? How much money could you earn if you could release 1, 2, 3, 4, or even more non-fiction books for Kindle each week? How many blogs posts or affiliate articles you could write?!

People tend to take far too long to create content. Really, you can very easily and quickly write non-fiction content if you have the right strategies. All the inspiration you need is at your fingertips.!

Follow this five step process, and you could have a fantastic, even ground-breaking, non-fiction report or book written as early as today!

Use this information to write for Kindle, your own eBooks and info-products, articles, blog posts, and so much more!

You’ll pay just for this special short report: $3 (dimesale up to $5)

5 Step Write Faster Method

Note: There is an option to upgrade to the PLR of this report after purchase. There are no restrictions for those who upgrade!

Making Waves As A Copywriter Upgrade

Hey there,

I’m so glad you grabbed the Making Waves As A Copywriter course!

I know you’re going to learn a lot, fast, by following my simple 6 step method to writing amazing copy.

I am confident you can succeed!

However, I’ve worked with hundreds of writers and copywriters over the years and I know that some people prefer additional hand-holding help and attention.

I want to give you the chance to work one-on-one with my with personal, 30 day email coaching.

Work One-On-One With Me In A Personalized Copywriting Masterclass

Usually, the email help alone is $47 for one month..

PLEASE don’t share this page… this is only for buyers of Making Waves As A Copywriter.

My copy critiques alone cost $97, and you get build in critiques for 30 days!

Making Waves As A Copywriter Coaching Upgrade Includes:

  • One-on-One email coaching with me (value $197/month)
  • Daily copy critiques and workshops as needed (value $97 per critique)
  • I’ll check your copy before you hand it to your client so you can be sure it’s GREAT (value $97 per critique)
  • I’ll check your copy before your product goes live so you can be sure it’s GREAT (value $97 per critique)
  • Unlimited Q&A

But you can get all the above (and some surprises!) for just $197 $47, today

Making Waves As A Copywriter Upgrade
This is a silly-low price for personalized copywriting help. You can easily make back the price of the upgrade with just ONE additional product sold or client… it only takes one and you’ll have more than made your money back.






No Thanks, I’d just like my course 🙂

Making Waves As A Copywriter

Dear friend,

Writing copy is like pulling teeth. You’re not comfortable with it and you don’t think you’re good at it. Hiring a copywriter is out of the question, though, because who wants to spend $1,000’s on something that should be so simple?

You know it’s not simple, though, at least not the way you’ve done it in the past. You’ve tried, that’s for sure, but…

You Feel In Your Gut Your Copy’s Not Great…

It’s so frustrating… Copywriting is an art… an unreachable dream. At least, that’s what other copywriters have lead you to believe. They make it seem like it’s a secret club and that you’ll never get to be a member.

It’s frustrating and it’s not fair. They tell you over and over again that every marketer needs to learn how to write copy. Why can’t it be easier?

You Think Of How Much Money You Could Be Earning…

…if only you could write sales letters that convert.

I know exactly what you’re coming from and I feel your frustration. It wasn’t that long ago that I wanted to pull my hair out because I just couldn’t get it right. I used to visit “copywriting forums” to try to learn the craft, but some of the egos in there were so big I didn’t think I could ever match up.

I secretly studied writing copy but I wasn’t confident enough to try. I knew I was a good writer, but…

“Could I Ever Crack The “Copywriting Code?”

Could I ever write copy as well as those copywriters who declared themselves to be a rare and special breed?

I smile now when I think of that time because it seems so silly now.

You know what I figured out? Copywriters like to blow hot air.

I also figured out that writing great sales letters is pretty darn easy.

Let me repeat that…

“I Figured Out That Writing Sales Letters Is Pretty Darn Easy”

There’s an art to it, sure. But, there’s also a process that dramatically simplifies it.

These days, I can write an outstanding sales letter that pulls far better than average, in under two hours.

I want to help you do the same. I know you’re frustrated and I know how badly you want to develop this skill. I want you to earn more as a product creator, affiliate, or copywriter-for-hire because you’ll be able to write amazing copy, too.


Now You Can Write Amazing Copy, Too…

The first and most important lesson I can give you is that it’s all about the people. You have to touch people’s hearts and make them feel. You have to get them on your side by treating them like a very best friend you’re trying to help.

Marketing and writing copy isn’t about the hype and getting the sale at any cost. It’s about giving people what they want. It’s about wooing them with your language and painting a picture in their heads of how their life can be once they have your solution.

I work with copywriters like you every day. I hear the same things over and over again.

  • You’re scared to write copy
  • You don’t think you’re good at writing copy
  • You don’t feel like you can learn to write copy

But, you’re desperate. You want to be able to win affiliate contests and sell your products like crazy. You want to earn more money online without having more traffic.

You don’t want to have to spend weeks or days writing a single sales letter… that cuts into your profits and the sales letter won’t be that great anyway.

You want to be able to…

Very Quickly Write A Sales Letter That Converts Like Crazy

We’re talking 5%, 10%, and 20%+. I can’t guarantee your conversions but I can darn well sure help you get the highest conversions in your niche, with your traffic level.

Even the “big dog” copywriters have a hard time seeing those conversions… can you get there?

I’m going to boldly say that you absolutely can. In fact, I think you can become a great copywriter by taking my course that I’ve created for people just like you. I don’t want people to shy away from writing copy.

Copywriting Is A Skill Anyone Can Learn (Here’s How…)

Making Waves As A Copywriter is a 6 part course I’ve designed for you to go through in under an hour... that’s the beauty of it. My copy methods are all about efficiency, art, and structure.

You haven’t seen copywriting training like this before, I guarantee it.

Best of all, I’m there to answer your questions because I truly want you to successfully write copy.

You’ll discover:

  • My exact template for writing sales letters that convert 5%, 10%, and 20%+ (follow this every time for surefire success)
  • Exactly how to WOW your audience and stand out from the crowd… netting you more sales with everything you write
  • One simple trick you can use to make writing sales copy as easy as writing an email to your best friend (you’ll love this method)
  • Exactly how to write an amazing sales letter in two hours or less… leaving you more time to profit and play
  • How you can write world-class copy, starting today
  • My 6 simple steps to writing an incredible sales letter, start to finish, in the most FUN and profitable way possible


Making Waves As A Copywriter: Early Launch For You

LIsten; I’m not here to sell you on a bunch of hype. You’re a busy person… whether you’re new to writing copy or you want to streamline your process to become faster or better, this is for you. Honestly, if I decided to break this course apart, add a few “filler” pieces, I could easily sell this at the $97 price point or more. Not only do you get my copy template and step-by-step, do-this-do-that instructions, you also get the benefit of knowing I’m there for you. You’ll never be stuck and you’ll never struggle.

That’s why it would be totally fair to charge around $47 for everything you’re getting today. But, I wanted to offer an amazing early-bird price for this brand new copywriting course. I decided to make it fun by putting it on a dimesale! The cool thing is the “ending” dimesale price reflects what I was going to charge as the early-bird price, making this an awesome deal all the way around.

You’re getting:

  • Session 1 audio, PDF, and doc
  • Session 2 audio, PDF, and doc
  • Session 3 audio, PDF, and doc
  • Session 4 audio, PDF, and doc
  • Session 5 audio, PDF, and doc
  • Session 6 audio, PDF, and doc

PLUS: I never want you to be stuck! I’m here for you; just ask.

Grab this low-priced offer today… you’re going to love every minute of it.

Making Waves As A Copywriter Course
I can’t wait to see how you do. Write me after you get your first sales letter done, okay? Your success is my success.



P.S. Making Waves As A Copywriter is fully guaranteed! You’re going to love it or I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

P.P.S. Hurry! This low price is only available for a short time. The price will soon settle closer to the value of the course, so grab now for the rock-bottom early bird special.


May Ready Premium Content

Last Week’s Books Sold Out In Minutes!


Hey there,

It’s been several months since I offered this amazing deal! Some of my regular customers have been asking if I would make my Ready Premium Content available soon, because they love not having to think about hiring a ghostwriter, figuring out an outline, or doing any research.

You want to just grab a fresh book and profit!

Here’s How This Works…

New to this? Here’s what it is..

There are three fresh-off-the-presses books available. These are BRAND NEW and never before used. The books are professionally written and edited. You will be the sole owner of the rights to one or more of these books (no one else will see or use these books)

No Rights Restrictions= Many Ways To Profit

There are no rights restrictions.

The book/s you buy are totally yours.

You can:

  • Sell these as PLR
  • Sell resell rights
  • Use them as blog content
  • Use them as list builders
  • Sell them on Kindle
  • Use them for article marketing
  • Sell them to your list
  • More!

… but you have to move fast! This offer typically sells out within minutes.

This is NOT PLR. This is NOT rehashed content. This is premium, fresh content of between 5,000-6,000 each.

It’s ready-to-go ghostwriting done by my writers. And, it comes at an AMAZING discount.

Grab One Or Grab Them All… But Each Book Will Only Be Sold Once

The three books available for today include:

Facebook Marketing Secrets

People can’t get enough of Facebook… especially with the popular “how to” Facebook marketing guides that have come out recently. Cash in on this super-hot topic with innovative free and paid Facebook marketing secrets.

Sure To Be A Bestseller!




Just $127

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)

1-Day Kindle Books

Everyone loves Kindle! Now, your readers can discover exactly how to easily write a book to sell on Kindle… in just one day. These are profitable, high quality ebooks that are bound to get great reviews.

Sure To Be A Bestseller!


Just $127

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)


Amazing Amazon Review Blog Method

Promoting physical products on Amazon is a much-loved business model for a reason– it works! Here’s the “new” way to write product reviews for Amazon that convert like crazy, and the best way to get your audience coming back for more on your blog.

Just $127

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)

5 Ways To Turn PLR Into Pure Profit

Your customers will discover exactly how to turn PLR into profit! People buy PLR like crazy but rarely use it to its full potential… now they can profit like crazy following these five innovative methods.

Just $127

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)

How This Works

Quickly click the “buy” button to secure your book (or books). These books are already written and are in the final editing stages so you are free to suggest minor things you’d like added. These sell out quickly, so grab your book/s ASAP. These are premium content.

After you buy, your book will be in hand within 1-4 business days– usually less!

It’s a great deal… you get pre-researched, hot topics that are bound to sell. You don’t have to think of a thing… you don’t have to wait for slow ghostwriters. It’s a win-win-win.