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Last Minute Mini Products Mastermind

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If you know me, you know that I’m an extremely prolific product creator.

I’m a ghostwriter, in addition to creating my own products.

Many people wonder how I do it… especially how I create mini products AND bigger products VERY, very quickly.

I detail it in Last Minute Mini Products… but I know that some people (like you) want more.

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Last Minute Mini Products

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  • How to earn great money creating products for other people (this can turn into a full time income)
  • How to create products with next to no effort
  • How to create products in days that look like they took months
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Writing copy is hard… but it’s necessary.

If you can’t write great copy, you can’t sell your products.

You’re an online marketer, so obviously that’s not the answer.

You have to write great copy as a product creator and affiliate marketer…

Pease don’t let the fear of writing copy hold you back in your marketing…

It’s Time to Learn to Write Copy and Profit More, the Easy Peasy Copywriting Way

Illustration of a Writer at Work

I’ve been a web copywriter for nearing a decade now, and I’m ready to share with you what I’ve learned.

I’m ready to take you by the hand and help you learn to write fantastic copy in a way that makes it EASY and PROFITABLE.

It doesn’t matter whether you have experience writing copy or not, I’m going to help you write copy that converts.

What’s my secret?

I’ll tell you one thing–

It’s Absolutely Possible to Write Fantastic Sales Letters in an Hour or Two…


It’s also a lot of fun… when you do it my way.

I’ve created how-to’s for copywriting in the past, but I’m taking that a step further now.

I want to help you personally.

No, this isn’t an expensive coaching offer.

It’s a one-time chance to join the Easy Peasy Copywriting Mastermind for pennies on the dollar.

I’ll share copywriting how-to’s.

I’ll personally answer your questions.

I’ll critique your copy.

I’ll help you tweak it until it sells.

All You Have to Do is Join the Easy Peasy Copywriting Mastermind Facebook Group (Members Only!)


Am I going to charge you $100’s for access to this?

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The thing is,

I Want Profitable Copywriting to be Accessible to Everyone

So, I’m not going to charge an arm and a leg.

I do plan to move this group to a monthly fee… but I’m offering an early-joiner special.

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Last Minute Product and Easy Peasy Copy Mastermind for Amy

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Jenn the Writer- ‘That Copy and Product Girl’


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Last Minute Product and Easy Peasy Copy Mastermind for Amy

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