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Paint by Copy Copy Upgrade

Hey there, I hope you’re really excited about the Paint-by-Copy method you just grabbed. I know you’re going to love it. It will make your life easier and you will profit more! I know there are a lot of people who want to look-over-my-shoulder to hear and see my thought process on writing sales copy,… Continue Reading

Paint by Copy Copy

Hey there, Writing great sales copy means you earn more… It doesn’t matter whether you write sales letters for clients, for products you promote as an affiliate, or for your own products… Copywriting is a VERY important skill if you want to earn great money… So… why are you so frustrated by the process? Why… Continue Reading

One-Day Only Firesale – Upgraded Mastermind

Hey there! Thanks for grabbing the firesale bundle. As part of the firesale, I want to give you the option to upgrade to the Advanced versions (PERFECT for beginners or experienced) of the Kindle Author research group and the Amazon Affiliate Christmas club… These Advanced Facebook groups are masterminds that are designed to help you earn… Continue Reading

One-Day Only Firesale

Hey there! Today, I am running a one-day only firesale. This firesale is a fun way to give you access to some of my best-loved products at a HUGE discount… and I had an unexpected bill come up… you’re one of my longtime friends so you know I’ve had a difficult several months so I’m rebuilding… Continue Reading

30 Halloween Articles Resell

Hi again! Thanks for grabbing the 30 Halloween Costume articles. Would you like to resell these articles as PLR to your list of marketers? There are highly limited opportunities to do that. Your marketing customers need Halloween Costume content ASAP! Get Resell PLR to These 30 Great Halloween Costume PLR Articles… These articles have been… Continue Reading

30 Halloween Articles

Hey there! It’s that spooky time of  year… It’s time to grab those Halloween costume sales as an affiliate. I’m getting ready to buy my children their Halloween costumes and they’re carefully picking them out. You can make great affiliate sales (particularly from Amazon and costume stores online!) by promoting costumes on your website. But…… Continue Reading

September Ready Premium Content

These Books Often Sell Out In Minutes!   Hey there, It’s been several months since I’vee offered this amazing deal! Some of my regular customers have been asking if I would make my Ready Premium Content available soon, because they love not having to think about hiring a ghostwriter, figuring out an outline, or doing any… Continue Reading

Limited Coaching Offer

Hey there, It’s hard to struggle in business on your own. You work for yourself (or want to) because you’re desperate for freedom… financial and otherwise. But still, You’re Not Where You Want to Be… What would it mean to your business if you have someone there next to you, encouraging you to take action…… Continue Reading