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Easily Write a Non-Fiction Kindle Book

Easy, Fast, and Fun…

“Easily Write a Non-Fiction Kindle Book in 6 Super-Simple Steps”

Build an Empire of Profitable Kindle Books, Starting Today!


Hey there,

Kindle is obviously all the rage — but that doesn’t matter one little bit if you don’t think you can write a Kindle book!

You Feel Like Writing a book is a HUGE, SCARY, PROCESS… right?


It’s Really Easy to Effortlessly Write Non-Fiction for Kindle… If You Have the Right Process…

I’ve found that most writers have the totally wrong idea about writing books. It’s actually no harder than writing a regular ‘ole article. If you can write…at all…and use a search engine, you can brainstorm, research, organize, and write an amazing book that can do well for you on Kindle.

Who is this for?

Easily Write a Non-Fiction Book for Kindle is specifically for those who really want to take action and write Kindle books (for themselves or for clients) but don’t think they can do it.

Write Your Kindle Book in Six Simple Steps…

Listen; this isn’t hard — it’s actually really fun and easy!

There is no magic this…this isn’t some super secret method that gets a webinar shrouded in mystery, hyped by a thousand marketers out for a book.

This is a solid strategy that’s worked for me hundreds of times. As long as you follow what I’ve outlined for you (in 6 short steps)

You will have an awesome non-fiction book in no time….

This guide was one I created years ago. I’ve decided to make it part of the 12 Days of Christmas sale.
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You’re Getting:

Several step-by-step documents that will help you write your first non-fiction book for Kindle (even experienced writers will find some tips to streamline and speed up your process while producing ultra quality.

Marketers: You are welcome to let your outsourcers in on this by gifting them a copy.

Grab Your Copy as Part of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Easily Write a Kindle Non-Fiction Book

Jenn the Writer

P.S. Remember – price rises with each sale– this is part of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale :-)

Easily Write a Kindle Non-Fiction Book

Kindle Author Cheatsheet Club Upgrade

Hey there!

Thanks so much for grabbing the Kindle Author Research Club Access!

Ready for Even More Kindle Profits? 🙂

I’m ready to hand you even MORE great research, strategies, articles, products, and so much more… this is next-level, advanced stuff that will give you even more opportunities to earn.

*Note* You do not have to be an advanced or experienced Kindle author or marketer to take advantage of this upgrade!

Here’s What You Get With Your Upgrade:

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If you take advantage of this upgrade offer, you’ll receive:

  • Access to MORE Kindle niche and genre research
  • Expanded hot-niches and genres
  • Social media strategies
  • Research on your Kindle competition
  • Reverse engineering on what’s working NOW
  • Updates on what’s working for ME- look over my shoulder
  • Audios and possibly videos from me
  • Advanced profit strategy
  • Feeds I’m using
  • Breaking news
  • Profitability information
  • Content ideas and strategies for Kindle
  • Curated research for the hottest Kindle genres
  • Tips and strategies on promotions
  • Tips on how to earn and succeed as Kindle author
  • Downloads/PDF files
  • Access to a special members-only Facebook group (upgraders only)

This is a Fantastic Deal for Anyone Who Wants to Profit EVEN BIGGER…

Bewertung, Sterne

Just Like The Entry Club, This Upgraded Club Starts Low in Price for Ongoing Research and Support… Join Now for the Lowest Possible Price… or Pay More Later

Advanced Kindle Author Research Club

This has a huge, huge value and includes ongoing research, breaking news, and profitability strategies for new and experienced Kindle authors… you’re going to love it…

Join now 🙂


Jenn the Writer

P.S. Remember- this upgraded club is on a limited early-bird special (you only ever pay once)- I highly recommend you grab your copy now, at the lowest possible priceso you can start profiting, now

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Easy Peasy Kindle and Self-Publishing Mastermind


Hey there,

Self-publishing on Kindle is one of the best ways to earn money on your own terms.

I love to dabble in many different business models… but…

If I Had to Choose Just One Business Model, This Would Be It…

We live in a fantastic time when absolutely anyone can write and publish anything they want!

There are no gatekeepers— with self-publishing, your future is your own.

You’re not writing for editors and publishing houses– you’re writing for the PEOPLE.

Which means…

You Get to Choose Your Own Self-Publishing Income

Put in the effort- you get paid.

And that’s what you want to focus on as a writer and business owner.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just writing and publishing a book without knowing what you’re doing.

Sure, your book will be PUBLISHED… but that doesn’t mean it will actually be selling.

It’s very, very frustrating when your books aren’t selling…

It can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.



And what if you’re too intimidated to write a book in the first place?

You See a  Ton of Fantastic People Making Money From Kindle and You Want a Piece of That

You love the idea of writing on popular, profitable topics and in great genres and earning a fantastic income from home.

Maybe you want to write and publish for Kindle as a side project or maybe this is something you plan to make your focus.

Either way, it’s something you really want to make happen.

But right now, you’re frustrated. You’re not sure you can write a book or a short story.

You’re not sure you can write that great non-fiction book you’ve been thinking about.

You’re not sure how to choose a great niche in the first place.

On top of that, you know that you have to write, write, write and publish, publish, publish to see any REAL earnings on Kindle.

To earn big…

You Have To Be Consistent and Publish, Publish, Publish… and That’s Hard to Do When You Don’t Feel Supported…


Girl Writer Crying

I’ve been there!

I’ve struggled to stay consistent with writing and publishing.

And once I started making what was really easy money with Kindle, I tended to self-sabotage.

That got me to thinking– there are SO many great writers and marketers like you (and marketers who want to publish without writing themselves) in the same boat.

I’ve realized…

We’re Stronger Working Together

We’re stronger brainstorming together.

Over the years, I’ve studied Kindle like crazy. I buy all the products and study all the techniques.

I write and I publish… but not nearly enough and that’s going to change.

Throughout the Rest of 2016 and Beyond, I’m Going to Put all I Know About Kindle and Profit Into Action…and I’m Going to Do it In a Mastermind

— I WILL rebuild my Kindle income.

I WILL reach 5-figures a month with my Kindle income.

I honestly hope to do that by the end of the year.

And I’m not Shakespeare… far from it.

Illustration of Shakespeare

But I have a lot of Kindle knowledge in this brain that I want to share.

I want to help you write great, EASY non-fiction and fiction.

You can write for Kindle and profit… whether you’ve ever done it before or not.

Let’s work together on this goal… okay?

This Kindle self-publishing Mastermind is going to be fantastic…

It’s Time to Learn to Write and Publish for Kindle, the Easy Peasy Self-Publishing Way



I’m ready to take you by the hand to share what I know about writing and profiting from Kindle.

It doesn’t matter whether you have experience writing and publishing or not, this mastermind, our brainstorming, and our resources will help you.

If you’re interested in writing for Kindle…

It’s Absolutely Possible to Write and Publish Fantastic, Profitable Books and Shorts… Even if You’re a Beginnercopy1

It’s also a lot of fun… when you do it my way.

I’ve created how-to’s for writing Kindle fiction and Kindle non-fiction in the past (and you’ll get those as part of the Mastermind), but…

I want to help you personally.

No, this isn’t an expensive coaching offer.

It’s a one-time chance to join the Easy Peasy Self-Publishing Mastermind for pennies on the dollar.

I’ll share non-fiction writing how-to’s.

I’ll share fiction writing how-to’s.

I’ll help you choose a fantastic, profitable genre.

I’ll personally answer your questions.

I’ll share what I know about succeeding and profiting from Kindle.

I’ll share what’s working for me (without sharing my pen names)

I’ll help you your Kindle efforts until you’re selling.

All You Have to Do is Join the Easy Peasy Self-Publishing Mastermind Facebook Group (Members Only!)


Am I going to charge you $100’s for access to this?

Maybe I should, because others are for similar (although there’s nothing out there quite like this).

The thing is,

I Want Profitable Self-Publishing to be Accessible to Everyone

So, I’m not going to charge an arm and a leg.

I do plan to move this group to a monthly fee… but I’m offering an early-joiner special.

Pay just $47  DIMESALE PRICING For LIFETIME Access to This New, Fantastic Facebook Group!

I’ll help you with doing great on Kindle, personally.

Grab your spot now, before the price rises…

DIMESALE!! Will Be $47….

Easy Peasy Self-Publishing Mastermind
Don’t pass this up- it’s going to be fantastic. It already is fantastic, and you don’t want to miss out on what I’ll be sharing.

Your happiness is 100% guaranteed, or your money back.

To your self-publishing success,

Jenn the Writer- ‘That Kindle Girl’


P.S. Your purchase is fully guaranteed… you’ll LOVE this mastermind, or your money back. You’ll learn how to successfully write and publish for Kindle!

P.P.S. The dimesale early-bird special will go away VERY SOON. It will become a monthly fee for those who join later. But get in now, and you’ll get the lowest possible price. Act now…