Kindle 14 Day Guide

Attention: Here’s the Path to Kindle Success…

“Finally, Here’s Your Super-Simple Blueprint to Publish and Earn From Kindle in 14 Days or Less”


New Or Experienced- Here’s Your Day-By-Day Kindle Success Plan

Dear Friend,

You see success story after success story of everyday people finding gold in publishing on Kindle.

It surprises you sometimes– the people who are earning great money for Kindle aren’t necessarily who you’d expect.

Maybe they didn’t even consider themselves to be writers before they started publishing.

You’ve Been Drawn to the Promise of Earning From Kindle For a While…

You want your bank account to be full of notifications from Amazon payments.

There are different reasons why you might be holding yourself back…

Maybe you’re scared … scared that you can’t pull this off.

Maybe you doubt your ability to write.

Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to it.

Still… it’s hard to ignore the fact that if you just DO it and publish, and if you keep doing it, you can succeed.

You can earn from Kindle.

You just need the right steps and motivation to make it happen.

You need someone to say, “Okay, do this and then do that.”

It can seem overwhelming to write and publish for Kindle. But, if you break the steps down, it becomes so much easier.

You’ll do a little this day and a little the next day.

Before you know it– say, after 14 days — you’ll have a book published and earning on Kindle.

That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Of course it does.

How can you make it happen?

Who’s going to give you the steps and get you motivated to earn with Kindle?

That’s my goal- to make this easy for you, give you the steps, and get you motivated again

I’ve been there. I’ve earned good money with Kindle.

When I’m consistent and stick to a strict schedule of researching Kindle genres, writing, publishing, and marketing, it’s almost TOO easy to earn from Kindle.

When I’m not consistent… it just doesn’t happen.

I MEAN to write and publish… but life and other work gets in the way and my Kindle goals and efforts fall by the wayside.

It’s a huge mistake to not make Kindle a priority. I’ve left a lot of money on the table in this way.

I know I’m not alone. I work with many writers and marketers who are in the same boat– either never having published or neglecting to continue publishing.

It all goes back to the schedule… and consistency.

Only you can make this happen- only you can do the work.

Your frustration in not being able to find the time or find the bravery to write and publish ends today.

I’ve created a guide that details exactly what you need to do…

I break absolutely everything down.

And it’s only going to take 14 days.

If you’re really ambitious, you can condense this plan into 7 days or less. It’s up to you— and so is what you earn.

In 14 days, you’ll research a profitable, popular genre (either fiction or non-fiction).

You’ll learn how to quickly and easily write a Kindle book (yes, in just 14 days).

You’ll learn how to build a list with your books- so you can earn more.

You’ll learn how to sell books… easily.

You’ll learn how to tweak your Kindle listings so you earn more and rank better on Amazon.

I repeat- you can write, publish, and earn from your own Kindle book over the next 2 weeks…

What will it feel like for you to finally get a book written and published– or to get back into it if you’ve been meaning to and just haven’t?

Don’t regret not taking this action and finally making it happen.

I’ve created a guide that will literally tell you what to do on each day, over the next two weeks, to write and earn from your own Kindle book.

I’ve made this guide fluff-free and easy to take action with.

You’ll get a list of exactly what you need to do.

Finally, you can make this happen– and it’s so much easier than you expect, if only you grab this guide and follow its steps…

I have full faith that if you follow this, you will succeed.

You’ll discover:

  • A 14-day publishing and earning plan that’s exactly what you need — in a “do this, then that, then succeed” format
  • How to choose a genre you’ll love… and that can help you earn big
  • How to ensure you’ll beat out the competition… funneling readers your way instead of the other way
  • The #1 trick you can use to make writing your book a breeze… (never have to worry about writer’s block again)
  • How you can figure out exactly what readers want… before you even write the book (this ensures you make sales over and over again)
  • Why writing your book really only has to take 3 days
  • Exactly what you need to do to easily publish your book… the way that ensures sales
  • How to get reviews for your bookgive you a running start on the Kindle charts
  • Easy listbuilding— which is the #1 way to ensure every other book you sell succeeds
  • Easy promotional strategies— that get you on the Amazon charts and get you sales, often in the same day you publish

This 14-Day Kindle success guide is exactly what you need right now

I could charge a solid amount for this information… it is, after all, a blueprint for success.

It’s a full path to profits with Kindle– so really, it’s invaluable in the right hands (and since you’ve read this far, I know that describes you.

I’m not going to charge a ton, though. I’m not even going to charge what would be reasonable for most marketers.

Why not charge more when I could easily earn more from this guide if I did?

It’s because I believe in you. I believe that if you get your hands on this blueprint, you’ll follow it and realize your dreams with Kindle.

That means a lot to me. It’s a huge part of my goal and why I create products like this– I want YOU to find success with Kindle.

I also create this guide for me, too. This is exactly what I do to succeed with Kindle. And through a rut of motivation, I decided to create this guide.

And now it’s yours— just click the button and you’ll have this guide in your hands… for a very, very, very low price that’s affordable for all.

If you’re willing to succeed with Kindle, you deserve to get your hands on this.

Enjoy it– profit from it– and download it now…

BONUS: Act now and get a surprise bonus in your download- it fits in perfectly with the blueprint, and you’re guaranteed to love it.

GUARANTEE: If you’re not happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back– it’s as simple as that.

Grab Your Copy Now for Just $9

14 Day Kindle Guide

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I can’t wait to see how you succeed with this 14-Day blueprint. Put it to good use and you’ll see results.


Jenn the Writer

P.S. Your purchase is fully guaranteed. There’s nothing to lose.

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I can’t wait to work with you 🙂

14 Days to Kindle

Hey there,

You want to write and publish a book for Kindle– either fiction or non-fiction… and you’re going to stop at nothing to make it happen.

But, you can’t seem to motivate yourself to get it done. What should you do?

It’s so frustrating.

The days are passing you by. You MEANT to start writing months ago… You REALLY need help, now…

You still haven’t.

You have really big goals– you know how lucrative Kindle can be.

What should you do?

Whether you are attempting to write and publish for the first time or you’re trying to get back to it, I want to help.

I’ve been successful with Kindle in the past and have found it one of the best (and easiest) ways to earn as an author/writer/marketer.

I have a shameful secret, though– I let my books fall of the charts (and they’ve gotten pretty darn high!) and stopped releasing.

I know SO many in the same boat.

That’s Why I Decided to Start this 14-day Kindle Challenge Membership… Just For You

  • Every day, you’ll receive motivating information on successfully writing and releasing for Kindle.
  • You’ll receive lessons on choosing a genre/sub-genre for Kindle.
  • You’ll receive tips for success and actually earning.
  • You’ll receive tips for writing.
  • You’ll receive access to a membership area.

That’s not all… here are more details about what you get- content added throughout the next 14 days:

  • Specific genres that are GREAT to go into… for profit and fun
  • Successful authors to study
  • Links to promotional tools/services I can’t do without *many free*
  • More in depth information and success tips on each publishing step
  • Help with creating an outline that will practically write itself
  • Ways to write much, much faster (5,000 words in a day, or more!)
  • How to use keywords on Amazon to earn more
  • How to form your description on your book’s page to earn more sales
  • What to do to snowball your way up to a full-time income from Kindle, within months
  • The opportunity for one-on-one help from me
  • What to do AFTER you publish your book to ensure you’re successful and earn good money from Kindle
  • How to break past the mindset problems you’re having— gain confidence and get a boost in motivation
  • How to build your list as an author to snowball your earnings
  • Things to do to GUARANTEE you earn from this strategy
  • Access to free how-to ebooks on writing fiction and non-fiction
  • Access to data to help you choose your genre and sub-genre
  • Tips on consistently increasing your Kindle income- in 14 days and beyond
  • The opportunity to request specific tools and tutorials you want and need!

I’ll soon write a longer sales page with a paid upgrade for personal help… and continue adding to the member’s area… until I do, you get a special low price AND a free upgrade to personal help.

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14-Day Kindle Challenge
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Jenn the Writer

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Niche Authority Revolution PLR

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This a Ready-to-Go PLR Product You Can Profit From, Fast…

Hey there,

Niche Authority Revolution is truly a revolution in marketing.

And I know that YOUR customers and readers (or future customers and readers) will soak it up like a sponge and really benefit from it.

That’s why I’ve decided  to release my Niche Authority Revolution guide with PLR since

Niche Authority Revolution Covers one of the Hottest and Most Sought After Topics Right Now — Growing and Profiting From Your Niche Authority…

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All I ask is that you remove my name and branding. I recommend you put your own spin, flair, and insights into it — then you’re off to the races! This is a huge savings over having a book ghostwritten for you.

Get Private Label Rights to the “Niche Authority Revolution” Guide… and EARN!



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Those are some great, flexible rights…

That makes this an enormous value.

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Niche Authority Revolution PLR

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Niche Authority Revolution

Attention Niche Marketers and ALL Business Owners…

“Finally… An Incredible Method That Boosts Your Niche Authority, Builds Your List, and Helps You Earn More Money, Starting Today…”

Use This Simple Method a Little Each Day… Here’s The ‘Secret’…

Dear Friend,

It’s time for you to stand out and earn more.

You know that’s true… you’re just not sure how to make it happen.

After all…

There are SO Many People in your Niche Making Bank… You’re Ready for Your Turn

— You consider these people to be the REAL authorities.

These people have a bigger list than you, better contacts, more products, and much better exposure.

How can you possibly compete?

This is especially troubling and discouraging if you are newer to online marketing. If you’re starting from nothing, it’s hard to even know where to start.

It seems impossible.

Even if you have a lot of experience– THAT can be discouraging because you’re nowhere near where you want to be.

You Thought You’d be a True Authority– Truly Crushing it– By Now…

Ugh… what’s the answer?

It’s time for a revolution.

I completely know what you’re going through. I’ve been in business for quite some time now and it’s so easy to get discouraged and even angry with myself because I’m not where I want to be yet.

But… there’s something I’ve discovered through this experience.

This is something that boosts my authority and helps me earn more money every single time.

It’s something I’ve tested and ‘reverse-engineered’ from some of the top people in business.

With Daily, Consistent Effort, This ‘Trick’ ALWAYS Builds My List, Gets More People on my Side, and Turns People into Lifetime Customers…

And that is priceless.

This (what I’m about to share with you) is going to be the cornerstone of my business, going forward. And I really think it should be yours as well.

There’s no ‘magic button’ that can make this happen.

It’s close enough, though 😉

You can wield this tool whenever you want… to fantastic results.

Are you ready for it?

It’s Time for the Niche Authority Revolution– Using FREE to Boost Your Business in Incredible Ways…

This is perfect for you no matter where you are in your business or what your goals are.

Everyone, from the newest IM’er to the biggest Fortune 500 companies, can benefit from this.

You’re going to use the power of FREE in a very specific way to:

  • Build your list
  • Attract lucrative partnerships
  • Attract more affiliates- who will promote for you day and night
  • Make more sales of your existing products
  • Get traffic with much, much less effort
  • Get others to promote FOR you, via word-of-mouth (Because they’re so excited about you)
  • Earn more money

Why does FREE work?

What will you give away?

How can you use this ‘revolution’ to impact your business right away and achieve the incredible things we’ve talked about above?

I know a lot of people have questions like this… and very, very few marketers use ‘free’ effectively.

I’ve Thought Long and Hard About How to Help as Many People as Possible With These Great Methods…

Which is why I decided to write a guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

You can get started today.

The basics?

You’re going to give, give, give (in fun ways that make you and your audience happy).

In return,

Your Business is Going to Grow Like Crazy…. Just Follow The Niche Authority Revolution

You’ll discover:

  • Unbelievable authority-boosting methods— these work immediately and will ALWAYS work for you
  • How ‘free’ can help you instantly stand out– putting you far above the competition (get used to your newfound success…)
  • Exactly how to grab attention FREE… anytime you want it (this leads to sales, sales, sales…)
  • Exactly what to give away for the best possible results, no matter which niche you’re in (you can see results as soon as today, if you play your cards right…)
  • Incredible ways to get a frenzy of positive, excited activity surrounding your business… any time you want
  • How to ensure your Niche Revolution strategies are effective… and you see exactly the results you want to see
  • Exactly how to use these top methods to…

 Build Your List, Attract Affiliates and Partners, Get Others to Drive Traffic for You, and Earn More Money, Every Single Time…

I am so excited to present these methods to you and I know you’re really going to benefit…

In fact, I can’t wait to hear all about your success story of harnessing the power of FREE to boost your business in exactly the way I describe.

If I were to offer these SAME exact tips to struggling businesses and business owners as a consultation fee, I’d charge $$$’s or $$$$’s… for the same strategies.

But, I’m all about making these methods as accessible as possible to EVERY business owner who wants to benefit.

I could, then, make this part of a higher-end course or product– charging $47 or $97 for the information.

After all, apply just some or even one of these tips and you’d instantly make your investment back.

But, for a limited time, I’m going to make Niche Authority Revolution available at an early bird price– TRULY affordable and accessible for everyone.

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Niche Authority Revolution- Free Your Way to Powerful Profits

If you’re willing to put the work in and profit more, you deserve to access this information.

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on Niche Authority Revolution– it will transform the way you do business.

Your Purchase is Also Fully Guaranteed– You’ll be Happy With this Product, or Your Money Back.

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To your success,

Jenn the Writer 🙂

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Niche Authority Revolution- Free Your Way to Powerful Profits

New Year’s Special – Grab PLR to 5 Products Early

Grow your business in 2017…

“Grab PLR to 5 Fresh IM Products – Hurry – This Closes VERY Soon- in 24 Hours (or Less)”

Hey there,

PLR is easy to grab, use, and profit with! Especially when it’s high quality like mine… and priced right.

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Jenn the Writer