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Picture This- Profitable Products That Write Themselves PLR

“Now, Grab PLR to ‘Picture This: Profitable Products That Write Themselves’…”

It’s a Ready-to-Go PLR Product You Can Profit From…

Hey there,

Grab ‘Picture This: Profitable Products That Write Themselves’ and sell it as YOUR OWN, by grabbing private label rights.

It’s easy — all you have to do is grab your copy before I decide to close this offer. Then, make your edits and change the name and you’ll be all set with your own product that helps others eliminate writer’s block and create picture-perfect outlines that make product creation a breeze.

Want to make sure you’re getting a great deal? I’ve included snippets of everything you’re getting, below:

You should see high conversions with this product! This can do great for you with your list, niche, or website!

All I ask is that you remove my name and branding. I recommend you put your own spin, flair, and insights into it — then you’re off to the races! This is a huge savings over having a book ghostwritten for you.

Get Private Label Rights to the Picture This: Profitable Products That Write Themselves Guide

The ‘rules’ – you must take my name and branding off. You may not pass this along or sell it as PLR yourself.


YES – Upload to a membership site

YES –  Sell as your product

YES – Give away as a list builder

NO – Use as website content

NO – Sell as PLR

NO – Sell resale rights

This is a fantastic deal on a great mini-product. Best of all, I’ve made it affordable for everyone.

Grab Your PLR While the Price is Low… The Price Rises With Each Sale!

 Just $27

BONUS: Buy TODAY and get rights to use my front-end sales letter, FREE! Making this all but ready-to-go…

Picture This PLR- Profitable Products That Write Themselves
Just one sale and you could earn this back 🙂

Grab your PLR to Picture This: Profitable Products That Write Themselves and make your subscribers and customers happy — this WILL help them create a profitable product with ease.


Jenn the Writer

P.S. I know you’ll be thrilled — especially with the very low price.

No Thanks- I don’t need an instant, ready-to-go product I can earn from!

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