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September Ready Premium Content

These Books Often Sell Out In Minutes!


Hey there,

It’s been several months since I’vee offered this amazing deal! Some of my regular customers have been asking if I would make my Ready Premium Content available soon, because they love not having to think about hiring a ghostwriter, figuring out an outline, or doing any research.

You want to just grab a fresh book and profit!

Here’s How This Works…

New to this? Here’s what it is..

There are three fresh-off-the-presses books available. These are BRAND NEW and never before used. The books are professionally written and edited. You will be the sole owner of the rights to one or more of these books (no one else will see or use these books)

No Rights Restrictions= Many Ways To Profit

There are no rights restrictions.

The book/s you buy are totally yours.

You can:

  • Sell these as PLR
  • Sell resell rights
  • Use them as blog content
  • Use them as list builders
  • Sell them on Kindle
  • Use them for article marketing
  • Sell them to your list
  • More!

… but you have to move fast! This offer typically sells out within minutes.

This is NOT PLR. This is NOT rehashed content. This is premium, fresh content of between 5,000-6,000 each.

It’s ready-to-go ghostwriting done by my writers. And, it comes at an AMAZING discount.

Grab One Or Grab Them All… But Each Book Will Only Be Sold Once

The three books available for today include:

Secret Facebook Marketing Tips ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About…

Use these top-secret Facebook marketing techniques to instantly stand apart in your niche to earn more money, building relationships, expand your brand, and even double your earnings…

Sure To Be A Bestseller!


Just $127 

$97 for 9/19 Only… Goes up to $127 on 9/20

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)

Steamy Hot-Fiction Kindle Books

Here’s exactly how to cash in on the very hottest Kindle fiction niche… steamy romance. Here are the secrets top-selling authors don’t want you to know. You could be earning a full-time income as a bestselling author, fast…

Sure To Be A Bestseller!

Just $127 

$97 for 9/19 Only… Goes up to $127 on 9/20

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)


Fast Christmas Cash Blog Method

Christmas is coming! Here’s how to blog your way to fast Christmas cash… the easy, fun way!

Just $127 

$97 for 9/19 Only… Goes up to $127 on 9/20

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)

6 Ways To Turn Super-Simple Content Into Pure Profit

Your customers will discover exactly how to turn written content into pure profit! You don’t have to be a professional writer to cash in fast with these innovative, fast-earning methods.

Just $127 

$97 for 9/19 Only… Goes up to $127 on 9/20

(Value: $250+ @ 5 cents per word)

How This Works

Quickly click the “buy” button to secure your book (or books). These books are already written and are in the final editing stages so you are free to suggest minor things you’d like added. These sell out quickly, so grab your book/s ASAP. These are premium content.

After you buy, your book will be in hand within 1-7 business days– usually less!

It’s a great deal… you get pre-researched, hot topics that are bound to sell. You don’t have to think of a thing… you don’t have to wait for slow ghostwriters. It’s a win-win-win.


Jenn the Writer

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