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Kindle Research, Outlines, and Plots- Limited

Hey there!

I hope you’re doing fantastically well.

You know that self-publishing can be extremely lucrative.

The trouble is, you MUST choose a profitable niche or genre to publish in.

It’s the difference between making NO money on Kindle and making a lot of money on Kindle.

You Know how Important it is to Research and Dig into Already-Profitable Niches and Genres… but Who has Time for all of That?

The need to research, research, research in order to earn money with Kindle has you feeling like this:

Kindle Research

You Just Want to Publish and Profit…

You don’t feel like buying expensive software, combing through pages and pages and pages of Amazon data, and desperately trying to figure out heads or tails of which genre is going to earn you a lot of money.

It would be so, so much easier if someone would just do that for you.

Well, I’m here for you. I have a lot of experience with this… I have every single expensive tool at my disposal… and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

For a Limited Time and For a Limited Number of People (I’ll Cut Orders Off Soon), I’ll do your Kindle Research For You

Kindle Research

Whether You’re Interested in Fiction or Non-Fiction… I’ll Do The Digging and do the Upfront Research Work So You Don’t Have To

Depending on which package you grab, all you have to do is write or outsource the writing and profit.

You’ll have your readers and customers feeling like this, in no time:

Kindle Reserach

Grab Your Spot if you Want to Profit More (or Start Profiting in the First Place) From Kindle:

Note: I’m probably limiting this to around 20 people total! These prices are LOW as these are tester spots to see if I want to add this to my regular repertoire of services. Act now!


Package 1: I’ll Find You A Profitable Non-Fiction Niche AND Give You Easy-to-Follow Data to back it up:

Package 2: I’ll Find You A Profitable Fiction Genre AND Give You Easy-to-Follow Data to back it up:

Package 3: I’ll Do Your Non-Fiction Profitability Research AND Create A Detailed Outline For You

Package 4: I’ll Do Your Fiction Profitability Research AND Create a Detailed Plot For You

CUSTOM Research/Planning/Plotting Orders:

Let me know if you want a custom order/combination of profitability research, outlining, plotting, CreateSpace Journal Creation, etc. You can be part of this special offer as well:

Custom CreateSpace Journal Creation (cash in on the trend!): $27 (few spots left)

Custom order (add up what you want and how many you want to grab your spot):


Enjoy and profit! Remember I’m only taking 20 orders or so- this may or may not open again.


Jenn the Writer