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Recommended Resources:

KD Spy is my favorite tool. It's a browser plugin that analyzes Kindle data right in the browser. It will show you how much certain authors are earning, a color-code that instantly tells you whether a niche is good to enter, word clouds (for marketing), how much certain genres and subgenres earn, how many pages and reviews are typical for bestsellers, and more. It's a good deal- I rely on this one very heavily.

Better Book Tools is browser based and shows you a color code of which genres are good to enter into. It also allows you to submit your finished book to book blogs and newsletters- a major plus. It does a lot of other stuff too– and includes a suite of tools that take you from book idea generation through to promotion. I rely on Better Book Tools a lot- on the research end as well as the promotion end.

There’s also KD Suite — this tool isn’t quite as user-friendly, but includes a LOT more data and a lot of different types of data. It ALSO includes an easy way for you to get reviews for your books. The review-getter is valuable- and this is perfect for those who want ALL the data.


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